Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ICE Transition From Monarchy To Republic

No Reverse Onus : The New Indigenous Canada Charter is proposed as an opportunity to develop an agreement between indigenous Peoples of North Turtle Island with the new citizens from around the globe, who have landed and taken up residence on these territories. The Indigenous Council of Elders [ICE] is composed of Elder state persons elected from the traditional land boundaries; and, must be a majority of indigenous heritage. ICE is Trustee of all lands and resources; and, is the final arbiter of decision-making regarding the political process and creation of governance statutes. The existing Senate of Canada is dissolved; and, is replaced by ICE. The decisions of ICE must be supported by a majority democratic vote from the custom / traditional landholders. Existing legislation will be integrated over time. This template is designed to remove the further acquisition of lands by hostile takeover or questions arising due to perceived abandonment. Allodial title is fundamental to the initial land title holdings. To Be Registered As A Claim At The United Nations.

Transition From Monarchy To Republic.